About us

Andy Burton, Peter Johnson and Ian Whitaker formed the Heritage Boys in November 2012 as a bit of fun for a charity fund raising event which was expected to be a 'one off'. However, that event led to requests for several more appearances in 2013 and a full programme of gigs in in every year since. By the end of 2019 they had performed at 84 events, mostly around North Yorkshire in a range of community venues, though they have played in other parts of England and in Germany, France and Italy!

The Heritage Boys make no charge for performing, but always raise money for charity. During the last 7 years (2013 to 2019) they have raised a total of over £50,000 of which £5,000 has gone to Help for Heroes, almost £23,000 has gone to Yorkshire Air Ambulance and over £22,000 to a wide range of local charities chosen by the event organisers. In 2020 the Heritage Boys' charity will continue to be Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

In October 2019 the Heritage Boys were delighted to play at the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Recognition Awards Ceremony at Oulton Hall.

The Boys look forward to playing many more gigs and continuing their commitment to supporting the wonderful people and work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. They hope to see you at your event soon!